alma nahe


In cap umplut on septembrie 7, 2011 at 5:36 PM

everyday without a face…
alone –
one by one
the train’s windows…
long journey,
long shadows,
beyond the bend.
train berth
hot tea from a clay pot
tasting of earth.

a detour
around the haunted tree.
naked trees –
a babbler fights itself
against the window.
bird watching
among fallen leaves
dried grass
that had been a nest.
hand in hand
frog and her
both jump.
the scent of rain
from somewhere
from leaf to leaf.
moving backwards I see
my footprints walk away
humid heat –
under the fan
her breath on my neck.
evening rush –
the calling crescendo
of cuckoos in my cap
fitting room –
reflecting on reflection.
I watch a dog
follow the shade.
cold night –
kettle’s whistle
like a distant train.
I will dance in the rain
I will sing to the moon
I will talk to the birds
I will whistle a tune.

  1. that humid heat of her breath on my neck still whitens the river of my dreams in the black light of my night…
    it’s nice to have your drawings stolen like this and nice to meet you in this t-rain

  2. In this T-rain like a hurri cane? 🙂

    -He stole my „thunder” and I stole his „lightning”!
    (This is kind of like cheating, because thunder is the sound made by lightning, no?
    But…the speed of light is high enough that it can be taken as infinite in this calculation because of the relatively small distance involved…)
    – That’s what she said!

    … the most versatile joke on Earth…

    Oricum, eu (îmi) fur (de la sine) şi-apoi îmi şi deschid galerie, minunându-mă!

almanahiţi, vă rog!

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